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We have worked with Al on servral projects and he has always done a terrific job for us. Doing a terrific means more than just being a good painter, it means doing what you say you are going to do, showing up when you say you will and being committed to the timeline and deadlines the client is facing. Al is a perfectionist and is spotless in what he does. He makes good choices and problem solves. He looks at the big picture and tries to problem solve to get the work done. He comes early and stays late. A true professional and a team player. I would trust him on every project.

Now for the entrepreneurs in the room.......

Get your house painted and make money! I did an audit if everything that needed attention-inside and outside on my house. My intention was to begin summer with our house in tip top shape. I want to sit on my porch and see crisp clean lines. I want to walk down my steps and not see a nick or a scuff. I want to walk towards my home and delight that it looks well kept inside and out. That is what Al Accomplished!

--it actually freed up brain space for me to dig into work projects that had been back burnered! I made calls I had not made time for and pushed through undistracted on to do list items i had avoided. I MADE MONEY! Frankly-the skip in my step from tackling some of these items turned into cash!

I challenge you to let Al - transform your home and your mood and your wallet!

~Leslie McKee, Professional Organizer.

Al Vermeulen, of Jack the Runner Painting, is with out a doubt the best painter my wife Marianne and I have ever contracted. Thoughout our 30 years of marriage, we have lived in four different homes and have employed the services of many painters. Al is efficient, price competitive, dependable and his quality of work is unparalled in the industry. To quote my wife Marianne, "...not only is Al a great painter and I highly recommend him, he is also a very nice guy to talk to."

~Bob Gambone, President and CEO - Passion, Leadership, Results LLC.

Dear Al, I had to write to express my great satisfaction with the painting you did at my home. The word that comes to mind is meticulous. I was impressed with your professionalism from the start. You were very thorough in explaining what needed done and how you would go about doing it. You provided a detailed estimate of your work, and you stayed true to that estimate. While you were working in my home you were always professional, and I was happy to be able to go about my business knowing that you would do the best job possible. At the end of each day, you left your work area as spotless as possible, and when the job was complete, other than the beautiful new paint color, I would have never known you were there. I love a man that cleans up after himself.

Bottom line, you provided work of the highest quality at a reasonable price, and I couldn't be happier. It's a pleasure to see someone take such pride in thier work, Al, and the care you put into the job shows. Thank you for making my boring white hallway and bathroom beautiful!

~Jodi Weinstein, Sr. Distributor SendOutCards


I would just like to say how much I appreciate the quality of work you do. You are a rare professional painter who showed up on time, completed the job without any extra hidden cost and worked with our scope of project no matter how big or small. It is such a relief to have a professional like you whenever we need work done. No more getting quotes we will just make one call.

~The Williamson Family

We have always done our own interior painting but after we remodeled the kitchen, we wanted to use a professional to paint it to really finish off the job. Kitchens can be painstaking work, getting around the counters, cabinets and appliances. Al was in and out very quickly. We were quite surprised that he finished the job so quickly so we looked closely at the work that had been done. All the lines were perfectly straight and not a drop of of paint anywhere it wasn't supposed to be. Al is nothing short of "incredible".

~Dave and Karen Rhoten